Watch Series 2Building on the trademark features

Built in GPS - Your health companion

The built in GPS feature in Apple Watch 2 allows you to leave your iPhone at home when you go out for a run or ride. It tracks your speed, distance and pace accurately along with the route which you followed. It also identifies the places where you ran the fastest.







Heart Rate Sensor- Change the beat

A custom built heart rate sensor inside the Apple Watch 2 measures your heart rate while you use the workout app. It even highlights all the other important metrics so you can check it at a glance.

Workout App – Accomplish fitness goals

The workout app lets you select from 12 indoor and outdoor activities which includes – swimming, biking etc. Set your goals and get moving with the all new Apple Watch series 2!







Water Resistant - Splash and Swim

Now go swimming and track the exact distance that you’ve covered with the water resistant Apple Watch series 2. Since a speaker can’t be sealed because it needs air to produce sound, the Apple Watch 2 lets the water in, then uses sound vibrations to force the water out.

Activity Rings – Every move counts

The activity rings measure how much movement you do throughout the day. So whether it’s taking walks in between office hours, playing catch with your kids or sweating it in the gym, it all adds up.
Share and compare the activity rings with your friends and family or compete to see who can hit their goal first.

Badge of honour

For each milestone that you’ve achieved or every time your break your own record, Apple watch 2 celebrates by giving you a distinctive badge.

Never hit pause

With just a gentle tap on the screen, Apple Watch 2 lets you respond to all your favourite notifications throughout the day. Launch your favourite apps and stay connected conveniently from your wrist.

Faster than ever

The new dual core processor and more powerful GPU enable faster app performance and smoother animations. The 2x brighter display in the Apple Watch 2 gives increased visibility even when you’re under direct sunlight.

All things Siri

Ask for weather reports, instantly respond to notifications and do everything on the go with Siri. Your personal all day assistant is now also available on Apple watch 2.