We list the 3 items you must mandatorily purchase at an Apple store near you, and nowhere else.

Apple products are renowned the world over for their excellence and high performance. The company has set unique benchmarks for performance and design that other brands are hard pressed to follow.

But while Apple products are available for sale everywhere, it is better to make any Apple-related purchase from an Apple store only. Consider buying these 3 products from the Apple store:

1 The iPhone and iPad. As hard as Apple tries to perfect its devices such that they are tamper-proof and copy-proof, there are many iPhone and iPad clones out there that can fool the public. Phones sold in the ‘grey market’ have perfected the Apple look and logo, and an unsuspecting buyer might think they are buying an Apple phone or pad for much less. Instead of risking your money on a counterfeit product, just go to the Apple store in Delhi and choose from the company’s range of iPhones and iPads. Not only will you get genuine goods at the right price, you can also understand the device’s working from an Apple-certified expert at the store. All warranties and guarantees are honoured within stipulated time – you cannot get Apple warranties on products sold online or other offline stores.

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2 Warranty on your iPhone. On the subject of warranties, let us be clear that warranties on the product when it is sold are different from extended warranties. People will tell you that it is not worth the price to get an extended warranty on any electronic goods, but the AppleCare warranty for the iPhone is the best risk protection you can buy. You can buy the warranty within a year of purchasing the iPhone. It is valid for one year, and it covers phone hardware defects (charger, phone, headphones) and also any performance issues not caused by your negligence or use. However, experts opine that if you are one of those people who get new upgrades as soon as they are released in the market, getting the AppleCare protection plan might not be necessary for you. The Apple store in Delhi can explain the warranty’s pricing and what it covers.

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3 Apple accessories. Apple constantly upgrades its products, and the best chance of getting your hands on genuine Apple accessories is at the Apple store in Delhi. You might come across Apple accessories being sold online or in other electronic stores in the city, but they may not have genuine or the most upgraded ones. While not all Apple accessories are available in India, you can ask the Apple store for the AirPort Express wireless router, and the Apple-manufactured Mac cable. The prices for these are competitive all over the world, and the products are always in stock at the Apple stores. If it is not immediately available, you can place an order at the Apple store.