You can find out if your phone is eligible for a free battery replacement from Apple, if it contains a specific serial number. Here’s how you find out.

An iPhone user is generally one who expects high performance from a single phone. That’s what an iPhone does, and it does it really well! However, you might be the owner of the iPhone 6s, and though you are thrilled with your phone, lately you have started noticing some problems.

Your previously super-fast phone now lags, or hangs, or shuts down unexpectedly. Don’t panic – it’s probably a battery issue. You might be surprised at how much a poorly functioning battery can affect your iPhone’s performance. It may be remembered that Apple had previously issued a statement that one batch of iPhone batteries carried an assembly defect that substantially reduced its battery power. It is possible that your phone is suffering from this defect.

Check the OS

First check if your iPhone is running on a dated OS. If it is, then it’s time for an upgrade – running your iPhone 6s on an outdated iOS can make it vulnerable to many performance issues, while a simple upgrade (say, from iOS 10.2 to iOS 10.2.1) can help restore any minor niggles. Who knows, the phone might consume less juice with this hack.

The OS is fine, but…

If your iOS is up to speed, it’s time to check if your iPhone 6s has one of the ‘faulty’ iPhone batteries manufactured between September and October 2015. The batteries manufactured in China during this month carry a defect wherein the battery powers down with 30 per cent charge still left. These batteries require constant charging for the phone to work.

You must find the serial number of your iPhone 6s’s battery, to know if you are liable for a free replacement. If you would rather not tinker around with your iPhone by yourself, just head to the iPhone service centre in Delhi and they can help diagnose the problem. But if you want to find out the serial number, here’s how you do it:

  • Access the Apple web page.
  • Go to Settings, then hit ‘General’ and look for ‘About’ on your iPhone.
  • You will find a long list on this page. The serial number is normally the 11th entry on this list. Note down this serial number.
  • Go back to the Apple web page and type the serial number in the required field. Press ‘Submit’ and find out if your iPhone qualifies for a free replacement.

A good Apple service center in Delhi can find and diagnose the problem within minutes. An Apple-certified technician will examine the phone for any existing problems and let you know about the corrective action required. Or you could buy a brand new iPhone 6 or 6s from iZenica, the premier iPhone resellers in your region, for these excellent benefits: Rs 9,990 down payment on buying either of these iPhones, with an additional cashback of Rs 6,000 and the chance to buy these phones for 24 months’ EMI.