Quality, care and high standards of professionalism are the citadels of iZenica’s customer service. Read on to know why you shouldn’t entrust your Apple product to anyone else.

There’s really no way to say it differently – when it comes to Apple products’ sale and repairs, only iZenica can be trusted to perform the best job. Here’s presenting 5 reasons why iZenica is the best Apple authorised service centre and dealership:

1. A proven track record. The Zenica Group started the first Audi dealership in India, and iZenica was started as an authorised Apple service centre and reseller of original Apple products. A certified Apple partner, every service and part that iZenica sells is licensed by Apple and is 100% original. With nine Apple reseller stores and five Apple-certified stores across India, iZenica brings unparalleled service and customer satisfaction to its Apple customers.

2. Professional, friendly demeanour. The hallmark of a good service centre is unobtrusive service with a smile. Too often, many service centres are either dismissive of customer complaints or too pushy about selling a new maintenance contract or product. At iZenica, every customer is met with a friendly demeanour without unnecessary chatter. Getting to the root of the problem without wasting time – that’s an iZenica hallmark.

3. Excellent repairs and services. iZenica strives to be a one-stop solution to all Apple-related queries and complaints. The customer need not run around to different centres to get different complaints addressed. At its state-of-the-art stores, iZenica staff offer excellent technical support to repair every Apple product in the minimum possible time. Customers can either walk into the nearest iZenica store or contact the company on their portal to get in touch.

4. Tried and tested customer care protocols. None of iZenica’s repair solutions are a flash in the pan – matching Apple’s highest standards in technology and after-sales services, iZenica uses a set of tested protocols at every point in the customer care interface. Thus, every store’s first point of customer care contact is a trained floor manager, who sends customers to the right departments for complaint redressal. Next, the problem is diagnosed using Apple’s testing protocols. If need be, customers can also speak with experts at Apple to get more information on their Apple product.

5. In-depth knowledge of Apple products. If it’s Apple, it must be iZenica. It’s really that simple. The brand’s level of expertise with every Apple product, from iPhone 7 to a MacBook, is unparalleled and customers benefit from its intuitive knowledge of Apple products’ workings. Far from guessing what the problem could be, every customer is shown the extent and nature of the problem, and how it can be set right. When there are experts on board, no Apple device can ever malfunction again.