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Is your iPhone 6s battery giving you problems?

You can find out if your phone is eligible for a free battery replacement from Apple, if it contains a specific serial number. Here’s how you find out. An iPhone user is generally one who expects high performance from a single phone. That’s what an iPhone does, and it does it really well! However, you […]

The 3 best things to buy at an Apple store

We list the 3 items you must mandatorily purchase at an Apple store near you, and nowhere else. Apple products are renowned the world over for their excellence and high performance. The company has set unique benchmarks for performance and design that other brands are hard pressed to follow. But while Apple products are available […]

5 reasons to opt for iZenica’s services

Quality, care and high standards of professionalism are the citadels of iZenica’s customer service. Read on to know why you shouldn’t entrust your Apple product to anyone else. There’s really no way to say it differently – when it comes to Apple products’ sale and repairs, only iZenica can be trusted to perform the best […]