Apple unveiled its latest, most exclusive phone – the iPhone X – at a glittering launch at the company headquarters in California. This is a look at 10 years of the best smartphones in the world.

The Apple never falls too far from the tree – or say they say. With its latest smartphones, the iPhone X, and iPhone 8, Apple has gone radically ‘far from the tree’ in terms of design and specs.

This year marks 10 years of the first iPhone unveiled by then company CEO Steve Jobs in 1997. Like the first iPhone to hit the global markets, the new iPhones too are designed and developed to hit a mark far beyond what the global smartphone market has achieved thus far. Even in terms of its own mortality, the iPhone X is a far superior product than anything Apple has created in the category in 10 glorious years.

What’s so great about the iPhone X?

On, then, to what the fuss is about: the iPhone X (to be pronounced iPhone 10, where ‘X’ is the Roman numeral for ‘10’) is a new age piece of phone engineering that is about to stagger all of humanity. Incumbent CEO Tim Cook believes that the iPhone X will blaze the trail for smartphones all over the world for the next decade. In that sense, the phone is truly a Gen X phone.

In terms of design, Apple has done much to surprise and delight the average Apple fanboy or fangirl, and to hook in the non-believing Android crowd as well.

  • As opposed to the earlier iterations, the entire body of the phone is now a display interface.
  • The phone does away with the Home button that the world associates with the iPhone. Instead, it introduces a radical new technology – Face ID – to unlock the phone. The phone has extremely thin bezels on all sides, with a small notch at the front. This notch houses several micro-sensors and other elements like an infrared camera, flood illuminator and dot projector – together, these elements are capable of taking a 3D photo of your face. The phone’s Face ID, the company says, cannot be fooled by another user, or a user projecting your photograph on the screen, or even by a mask!
  • A new feature is the TrueDepth camera system. It takes top notch pictures and also offers assistive features like emojis capturing your face to send with messages, and higher performance with QuadLED True Tone Flash, among other benefits.
  • The phone has a body smaller than that in the iPhone 7 Plus, but its display is the largest ever – at 5.8 inches – that the iPhone has ever had. The phone introduces OLED technology which offers brighter, denser display with deeper colours and accuracy. Additionally, it features Super Retina display (458 ppi, HDR10, True Tone, Dolby Vision, 1125 x 2436 px).
  • Other new features include stereo speakers, wireless charging, water and dust resistance, and the fastest ever A11 bionic smartphone chip in the world.

The iPhone story: Lots of hits, some misses…

From the iconic iPhone to the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, Apple has consistently redefined the way we interact with smartphone technology. Users are so accustomed to engineering and software excellence from Apple that any new phone from the company is awaited with bated breath. However, with its many triumphs, Apple has had to contend with a less-than-ideal iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. But the many design and performance problems of its last two phones have now been ironed out with the new phone launches.

The iPhones will hit the US markets on September 22, before making their way to other international markets all over the world. The estimated price of the phones is Rs 51,000 and higher for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus (64GB) and Rs 89,000 for iPhone X. Pre-book your preferred iPhone on