Here’s a broad summation of the iPhone from an ardent fan: The iPhone 7 is a must-have potentially celestial beauty crafted by gnomes with the highest engineering skills and put together with pixie dust and fairy lights.

And here’s a summation of fact about the iPhone 7: This phone is the only phone that ever matters if you like technology that sets your pulses racing.

Okay, so the initial reviews about the iPhone 7 weren’t exactly complimentary. But a diehard fan is never fazed by criticism – no, they’re just a little mad that anybody would criticise the ever-gorgeous iPhone – and quickly springs to the phone’s defence. But in the iPhone’s case, not much defence was actually needed. Because how much would you really need to say in defence of a phone that is, well, really perfect?

Check out the iPhone 7 specifications and 5 reasons why you would love the iPhone 7:

1 Stunning looks and build. Every iPhone is a great looker, but the iPhone 7 outdoes even its earlier iteration on many levels. Not only is the phone beautiful to look at comfortable to hold, it boasts of a completely water-resistant body. No other phone in the world is fully water resistant yet, so this is a new high for iPhone. Plus, you can choose from fresh new colours such as Jet Black, or choose from the old Rose Gold, Silver, Black and Gold.

2 Superior display. Apple has optimised its display even further, with higher depth of colour, more range of colours in the spectrum, improved navigation, touch sensitive (and all new) Home button, and improved depth of field. If you’re planning to shoot a mini movie or take pictures of your friend’s wedding, just use the iPhone 7.

3 More efficient. The iPhone has always been a bug-free, lag-free contraption. But the iPhone 7 goes one up on all its previous iterations, with a new powerful chip that takes its operating speeds from ‘Great’ to ‘OHMYGOD!’ and enough intuition to use lower power when the phone is idle.

4 Great new sound. One of the reasons why many people love the iPhones is their booming sound – the phone provides all the tracks you need when you’re out jogging, or a great audio experience when you’re watching a movie or playing a fast and furious game. The iPhone 7’s stereo settings have been amped up even more than before.

5 Faster everything. The iPhone 7 is powered with 4G LTE Advanced, which means that it has faster downloads, better connectivity across roaming networks and higher digital working speeds.