It is heart-breaking to discover that your iPhone is fallible. But instead of losing sleep over your malfunctioning iPhone, it’s time to get it serviced by a team of experts.

Let’s face it – holding an iPhone in your hand is the ultimate power trip. An iPhone draws several admiring glances from passers-by, complete strangers want to chat you up when they see your phone, and almost everybody wants to know how the phone performs. It’s like holding the drawing power of a movie star, the brains of an IT geek, the looks of a beauty pageant winner and the smarts of an athlete in one superb phone.

Naturally, all this star power and associated glitz soon prompts you to think that your iPhone is even better than sliced bread. That it is indestructible, unsurpassed, unshakeable. Till that time you accidentally drop it from your bag and the screen shatters.

It’s like your heart is ripped right out of your body. Your pulse races, beads of sweat collect on your skin. Your precious iPhone, that most stunning of modern smartphones, has several chinks in its screen and your heart is breaking. You experience a pervasive feeling of numbness, brought on by the sinking realisation that your iPhone is mortal after all…

It is time to stop panicking and getting down to brass tacks. Or specifically, to finding a good service centre that will set your phone screen right.

Why you should go to iZenica in Delhi

Were you about to show your iPhone to your neighbourhood mobile service shop? Perish the thought. Only an authorised Apple store in Delhi can do the job for you. Go anywhere else, and you’re risking disaster. Unless it’s an authorised Apple store in Delhi, another service centre will not even have an original iPhone screen to replace, and might saddle you with the wrong screen that does not fit properly or which cracks at the slightest impact. And did you know that there are rumours of unscrupulous mobile repairers removing genuine iPhone parts and replacing them with cheap substitutes?

If you’re reading this, chances are that you are looking for a one-stop solution to all your future iPhone needs. Just go to iZenica in Delhi, the premium Apple reseller and service centre, and get your phone screen fixed in no time. If you have noticed any performance issues, you can have them diagnosed as well. iZenica will set your phone right and your mind at rest with the best and simplest repair solutions. So now you can go back to enjoying your stunning iPhone like you always do.