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5 reasons to opt for iZenica’s services

Quality, care and high standards of professionalism are the citadels of iZenica’s customer service. Read on to know why you shouldn’t entrust your Apple product to anyone else. There’s really no way to say it differently – when it comes to Apple products’ sale and repairs, only iZenica can be trusted to perform the best […]

iPhone needs repairs? No need to panic

It is heart-breaking to discover that your iPhone is fallible. But instead of losing sleep over your malfunctioning iPhone, it’s time to get it serviced by a team of experts. Let’s face it – holding an iPhone in your hand is the ultimate power trip. An iPhone draws several admiring glances from passers-by, complete strangers […]

Why the world’s nuts about the iPhone 7

Here’s a broad summation of the iPhone from an ardent fan: The iPhone 7 is a must-have potentially celestial beauty crafted by gnomes with the highest engineering skills and put together with pixie dust and fairy lights. And here’s a summation of fact about the iPhone 7: This phone is the only phone that ever […]